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Simply by subscribing to the CAMMAZ blog. Your participation as a follower will broaden the base of community support for mineral science education, and will eventually cause school districts, government officials, and the legislature to recognize its importance. Please join us today.

There are no dues, and CAMMAZ will not solicit contributions. If you wish to provide financial or material support for mineral science education, please do that through your local community projects. They might be small, local museums, K-12 outreach programs, earth science scholarships, science fairs, or other community activities related to mineral science education.  If you need assistance finding related activities in your community, please send an inquiry to CAMMAZ using the contact form.

The first CAMMAZ supported project is the restoration of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix and its K-12 education programs. Unfortunately, the Arizona Historical Society gained control of this top rated, state owned museum in 2010 and closed it in 2011. The reason for the closure was never explained, and no state money was saved.  The AHS is still receiving and spending the museum budget even though it is not operating the museum. Lobbyists are now attempting to convert the empty building into a restaurant and cocktail bar (they call it a reception center). Located within easy walking distance of the State Capitol, it would serve their purpose nicely. However, there are other state owned buildings just as conveniently located that can serve that purpose (if taxpayers really want to accommodate lobbyists that much). The people of Arizona must prevent this misuse of the now empty building.

The mineral museum was the children’s museum, and it must be returned to the children. School buses must return to the museum bringing excited children eager to participate in the unique mineral science and geology education programs. Students and teachers want the mineral museum back. Parents and scout leaders want it back. Universities and industry want it back so that children are again inspired to pursue careers in science and engineering. Grandparents want it back too. They want to share the lifetime learning experience they enjoyed as children with their grandchildren.

The will of the people must be heard so that it overcomes the special interests of lobbyists and the Arizona Historical Society. Restoring the mineral museum does not require new public funds. The people simply need to insist that existing funds be spent as intended. Those funds are minimal, since the mineral museum only cost taxpayers the use of the state owned, mortgage free, historic building and the salary for one state employee (curator). Community support operated the mineral museum and the K-12 education programs.

Arriving nearly every day, buses brought students from as far way as Yuma. Mineral Museum field trips were a high priority for K-12 teachers, and they brought over 25,000 students every year.
Arriving nearly every day, buses brought students from as far way as Yuma. Mineral Museum field trips were a high priority for K-12 teachers, and they brought over 25,000 students every year.

The mineral museum can be restored, but the people must become loud and clear about expecting their elected leaders to restore the mineral museum. In 2015, a nearly unanimous majority in the State House and Senate did listen to the people and voted for Senate Bill 1200 to restore the mineral museum. Unfortunately, the new (and perhaps misinformed) Governor vetoed the bill. He was probably influenced by AHS lobbyists.

The people need to speak with one voice telling Governor Ducey to support the restoration of the mineral museum for the children. You can add to that one voice by subscribing to the CAMMAZ blog and being counted as a follower.

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