Museum Timeline

Museum Timeline

2009: AHS has secret meetings with governor’s office and lobbyists to execute a hostile takeover of the mineral museum

2010: At a contentious public Senate hearing, a bill supporting the AHS plan passes by a 5 to 4 vote.

However, the Senate amends the bill to preserve the mineral museum and the K-12 education programs.

2011: The AHS announces that the mineral museum will be closed in June. Students and teachers write letters to the Governor and the Legislature asking that the mineral museum be preserved in accordance with law. In April, the AHS changes the locks and fires the staff

2012: During the Phoenix centennial celebration, the mineral museum is locked.

2013: The AHS receives and unsatisfactory performance review from the Office of the Arizona Auditor General

2014: The AHS plans to complete the destruction mineral museum by converting the building into rented office space, by converting it into a new history museum, or by selling the building. The Legislature rejects all AHS plans.

2015: The Arizona Senate passes SB1200 to restore the mineral museum. The Governor vetoes the bill (SB 1200). At a board meeting, the AHS and their lobbyists discuss permanent destruction of the mineral museum through executive action and in defiance of the people and the Legislature. They intend to convert it into a “reception center”.  In response, mineral museum supporters form CAMMAZ.