Short term plans for CAMMAZ include establishing a support base and promoting restoration of the state mineral museum in Phoenix. Long term plans include leveraging mineral museum resources, coordinated with public and private support, to enhance mineral science education outreach programs statewide.

Specific short term plans for 2015 and 2016 are as follows:

June 1 to Oct 1 2015: CAMMAZ kickoff

Introduce and promote CAMMAZ using an internet presence and email introductions distributed by family and friends of Phoenix mineral museum supporters and by students and teachers formerly served by the mineral museums K-12 education programs.

Establish a support base by recruiting individuals and organizations to login and sign up for a free subscription to

CAMMAZ subscribers can sign up to receive blog posts with the latest CAMMAZ news and updates and offer subscribers the opportunity to leave a comment to help demonstrate strong public desire for mineral museums and mineral science education.

Oct 1 2015 to Mar 1 2016: Support restoration of mineral museum (Phoenix)

Follow Legislatures plans to reintroduce SB1200 (mineral museum restoration)

Encourage individuals and organizations to ask the Governor to support mineral museum restoration to promote K-12 earth science education.

Alert the public to key legislative activities, and requires that individuals and organization support the mineral museum restoration bill’s sponsors as required

Expose activities related to the AHS and lobbyists efforts to convert the building into a lounge for lobbyists

Alert individuals and organizations of the need to contact the Governor before the Legislature transfers the 2016 bill to the Governor

Provide support as required to House and Senate as the bill progresses through the 2016 legislative process (example: arrange for as many mineral museum supporters as possible to appear at House and senate hearings)

Mar 1 to Aug 1 2016: Preparation for restoration

After the 2016 mineral museum restoration bill is passed into law (with Governor’s signature or by Legislative override of a second veto), support the Arizona Geological Survey in preparing for the restoration of the mineral museum (the law will become effective 90 days after signature or override)

Coordinate pledges to nonprofit organizations to provide monetary assistance for mineral museum restoration

Aug 1 to Dec 30 2016; Mineral museum restoration

Alert the public to the need for immediate assistance to the AZGS

Solicit and coordinate volunteer labor and contributions (material and monetary) to assist the AZGS in restoring and reopening the mineral museum