About Us

About Us

CAMMAZ is an informal coalition of mineral museum supporters interested in promoting mineral displays and mineral education across the state of Arizona.  They are connected though their common goal of promoting mineral displays and mineral education. CAMMAZ represents no particular person or legal entity (corporation or business), and is therefore free to influence legislation or communicate with government officers or employees. Restrictions and regulations applying to lobbyists do not apply to CAMMAZ, because it is the individual members, not the coalition, that is acting to promote mineral displays and mineral education.

Members may join by simply registering their name and email at CAMMAZ.net.  There are no dues or other responsibilities. Members will be sent email notices when significant new information appears on the website. Members email addresses will be confidential, and not be released to any individual or organization. Registering simply demonstrates and interest in supporting mineral museums and mineral education across the state. Members may be either individuals or organizations.

At times, members will be encouraged to contact legislators or government officials or employees to promote CAMMAZ’s goals. All individual members are free to do so. Organizations should check restrictions applying to their legal status. Non-profit 501 C3 entities cannot participate in such activities as an organization. The can only inform their members of the opportunity to do so individually. Corporations must limit their participation to communications directed through their designated lobbyist(s). Any such lobbyist must be registered with the Secretary of State.

CAMMAZ was formed in response to the hostile takeover and destruction of the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum by the Arizona Historical Society (AHS). That museum provided mineral education programs for 40,000 children per year before the AHS closed it. The building has stood empty for the four years as the AHS made several abortive attempts to convert it into a meeting room and cocktail bar for lobbyists. CAMMAZ members are promoting the restoration of the mineral museum and its K-12 science education programs.

CAMMAZ also promotes K-12 outreach programs to take education programs to schools. Such programs currently conducted by CAMMA members are filling a need not currently met by school districts.

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Reference: Lobbyists Handbook http://www.azsos.gov/sites/azsos.gov/files/lobbyist_handbook.pdf