Museum Stakeholders Meeting

AZ Mining, Mineral & Natural Resources Education Museum Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016 (10:30 – 11:45 am)

Polly Rosenbaum Building @ 1502 W. Washington St., Phoenix

We are making progress on re-establishing a museum at the Polly Rosenbaum Building on the Government Mall in Phoenix. It seems high time to provide you, our stakeholders, with a full accounting of that progress: the museum conceptual model, our successes (e.g., transfer of the building and the AMMM mineral collection to AZGS) challenges we face moving forward, and potential opportunities for involvement at this stage.

This is our opportunity, too, to listen to your concerns and begin forging a team of individuals dedicated to rebuilding, reopening and operating a mining, mineral and natural resources museum in Phoenix.


  •  Introductions
  • Senator Gail Griffin – Conceptual Model & Legislative Role
  • AZGS Staff – Vision & Update on partnership with the University of Arizona
  • AZGS Staff –  Next Steps: Business model, building condition, timeline, partnerships & communications
  • Stakeholders – Your thoughts, concerns, interests & engagement

AZGS MM&NRE Museum Team: Mike Conway, Rowena Davis, Catie Carter, and  Phil Pearthree – Interim Director of AZGS


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