AZGS imperiled

A June 15 op-ed editorial in the Arizona Republic explains how the Governor has jeopardized the very survival of a top performing state agency, the Arizona Geological Survey. The agency provides essential services and is over 85% self-supporting.  Nevertheless, the Governor eliminated the small state allocation that provided 15% of its budget, and burdened it with high overhead by consolidating it with the University of Arizona.  Loss of the small state allocation deprives it of matching funds for grants in the future, so its survival is threatened.

This is of great concern to CAMMAZ because the Legislature transferred the state mineral museum in Phoenix from the Arizona Historical Society to the AZGS in an attempt to reopen the mineral museum and restore its K-12 education programs.  Now, the AZGS must somehow survive the current crisis before it can have any chance of reopening the mineral museum.


My Turn: Arizona Geological Survey is on life support and needs the public’s help,

Arizona Republic “My Turn” op-ed, June 15, 2016

by David Briggs, Secretary, Arizona Geological Society

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