Point of contact for volunteers

The following is from Nyal Niemuth of the AZGS Phoenix Office.

Diane and I will be volunteering to get things moved from 3550 Central to the museum storage in the 1502 Washington building.

Here’s our preliminary plan.

We will need to do both library bookcases and 6 lateral filing cabinets.

Dismantling and reassembling book cases and some furniture will also be required.

So tentative volunteer dates are:

Packing begin June 13-16, if nec. 17

Unpacking June 27-30,  if nec. July 1.

Hopefully by using book carts it will go faster than the above plans.

We can always do some scheduling or reserve people for the unpacking.

We do not have access scheduled to the building scheduled for unpacking yet.

Who knows more tasks may arise.

Email and phone contacts for volunteers would be helpful.


Nyal Niemuth

Arizona Geological Survey

3550 N. Central Ave., 2nd Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85012

602-771-1604 or page me at 771-1601




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