History lesson for Marshall Trimble

History lesson for Marshall Trimble

A former key mineral museum employee, offended by Marshall Trimbles fallacious statements about the mineral museum made in a recent Channel 3 interview, sent the following letter to him last week.

March 16, 2016

Dear Mr. Trimble,

The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum has been closed and the building empty for over four years now thus depriving thousands of people from Arizona and around the world, and most importantly Arizona’s children, a unique educational experience.  Over 40,000 Arizona school-aged children visited the museum each year.  Their experience started in a classroom where they were introduced to rocks and minerals and how we use them in our everyday lives.  They were given a questionnaire that took them to different displays around the museum to find the answers.  At the end of their visit, every visitor had the opportunity to select their very own rock, mineral or fossil souvenir.

The educational exhibits were not just for kids as adults also enjoyed the learning experience. There were exhibits showing the periodic table of elements and in both minerals and products that people use every day; the solar system – created out of rock and mineral spheres (this one was especially popular as the spheres looked uncannily like the planets); the rock cycle; crystal systems; crystal habits; mineral twinning; fluorescent minerals and many others.

Closing the museum did not save the state one penny, but quite the opposite, as the monies allocated for the museum were just transferred to the historical society. This money was wasted for the past four plus years because the very popular, self sufficient museum has been closed to tourist’s dollars.

I hope you and your family had the chance to visit the museum while it was open, because that treasure has been lost.

Was that picture of water damage at the old MMM building shown on TV recently taken before 2011 while the museum was still open?  I sure don’t remember that we had any water damage like that.

Since you like history, I’ve included a short history of the museum you may enjoy.

Investigate, dig deeper and find the truth.


Shirley Cote

To read the the short history that was included with the letter, go the the CAMMAZ home page. Click on the “Arizona Earth Science Clubs” tab, and then on the “Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum History” tab. When you see the school bus, you are there.

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