Mineral Museum Restoration Plan

In 2015, Senate Bill 1200 passed both house and senate with nearly unanimous votes. The bill would have enabled restoration of the mineral museum by transferring all museum assets from the dysfunctional Arizona Historical Society to the highly effective and efficient Arizona Geological survey. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed the bill. The veto letter said the Governor wanted to see an implementation plan before signing such a bill.

In 2016, SB1200 was reintroduced as SB1440. In response to the Governor’s request, the bill’s sponsor (Senator Gail Griffin) prepared an implementation and action plan for restoring the mineral museum and expanding its scope to include all natural resources. The detailed plan addresses all issues related to reopening and operating the museum, including financial viability. Senator Griffin has graciously made the plan available to CAMMAZ. It can be viewed by clicking on “Implementation and Action Plan” under the HOME tab on http://www.cammaz.net

The direct Link to the plan is:  https://cammaz.net/implementation-and-action-plan-arizona-mining-mineral-natural-resource-education-museum/

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