More AHS misinformation

The AHS has now turned Marshall Trimble loose on the mineral museum controversy with a mixture of old and new misinformation. Some was presented in a short clip on Channel 3 (Friday March 11 at 5:30 PM) and some was included in an online article:

Among the false assertions made were:

The AHS had no choice but to close the mineral museum because fundraising failed. In fact, the AHS had a statutory obligation to keep operating the mineral museum and was funded to do so.

The mineral museum did not comply with State education standards.  The statement is nonsense because there was no formal requirement to do so.  Nevertheless, the mineral museum K-12 earth science programs did meet or exceed state standards and did assist teachers who brought 25,000 students a year to the museum. Parents and scout leaders brought another 15,000.

The mineral museum was in poor condition and the collection was in disarray. A complete set of museum photos on and a complete collection inventory (pre AHS takeover) prove that statement is false.

The minerals are now where they should be and the new arrangement is working. Since everything is now fixed, restoring the mineral museum at the old location again would be a waste of resources. These statements are so preposterous a somewhat more detailed rebuttal is called for:

The AHS has been and is wasting the entire mineral museum budget and the people of Arizona are receiving absolutely no benefit. They are being funded to operate a museum that does not exist.

The AHS museum in Tempe is the worst possible example of wasted resources. When facility cost is included, each visitor is costing taxpayers hundreds of dollars per year.   The situation continues to deteriorate as attendance drops further each year. Moving a portion of a scientific collection to a history museum was bad enough. Moving it to a failing history museum was worse. The mineral museum had over 50,000 visitors per year. The AHS Tempe museum has only 3,000 every year, and attendance keeps dropping.

Furthermore, the AHS high balled the cost of reopening the mineral museum. Their outrageous $2.1 million estimate has been shown to be a hoax.

Whether or not Marshal Trimble believes what he is saying is unknown. However, if he does, he is hopelessly misinformed.


More detail is available in the following video:    However, there is not faxt forward and whole politics unplugged program museum be watch to see the more complete video on the mineral museum.

Complete details on misinformation distributed by the AHS are available on the blog Mineral Museum Madness at   Incredibly, the AHS even has its own history wrong.

The March 17th post on Mineral Museum Madness includes related questions for Marshall Trimble.

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