YES on SB1440

The Senate appropriations committee votes on SB1440 today.  The former mineral museum curator sent the committee a message of strong support for the bill.  It is reproduced, with permission, below:
I hope you will work for the passage of Senate Bill 1440 to restore the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum to the Arizona Geological Survey (the successor to the Arizona Department of Mining and Mineral Resources).
The Arizona Historical Society has not met the requirements in the original bill in 2010, when I was Curator of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. I thought I was leaving it in good hands when I retired in October 2010. However, AHS shut it down in 2011 and has not fulfilled its obligations to take care of the building, mining equipment, or minerals.
The children of the state are being denied the opportunity to learn about the Earth and Arizona, which is a curriculum requirement for grade school. I was at the AHS Marley building 5 times in October for about 7 hours each time and only saw a total of 5 people viewing the museum. This is in contrast to the AZMMM, where we usually had 200 school children each school day, for a total of 25,000 school children, and 25,000 other guests.
If the Arizona Geological Survey becomes part of the University of Arizona (hopefully as a separate department and not under the Geosciences Department), the current curator of the U of A Mineral Museum has assured me that the first thing they would do is restore the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum minerals to that building, under whatever name is part of the bill.
Thank you for your efforts on behalf or the children of Arizona.
Jan Rasmussen, Ph.D.

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