AHS opposes reopening of museum

The  Feb 3 post reported the introduction of Senate Bill 1440 which is intended to restore the mineral museum and its K-12 education programs. On last Wednesday, the bill was heard before the Senate Government committee. The AHS is using taxpayer funded lobbyists to oppose the bill, and 3 Senators did vote against it. Four yes votes passed it out of committee however, and it has been referred to the appropriations and rules committees. Why it is going to the appropriations committee is unclear, because it does not contain any new funding. It only transfers then mineral museum budget, now being wasted by the AHS, to an agency willing and able to operate the museum again.
As revealed at the Government Committee hearing, the AHS has no plans for the building, but still does not want to allow another agency to reopen it for students and teachers. The AHS wants to just continue wasting the mineral museum budget while the building continues to stand empty.
There will be a CAMMAZ meeting to plan support for SB1440 on Wednesday, February 17th. It will be held at 7:00 PM at 425 E. Greenway Drive in Tempe. Everyone interested in reopening the mineral museum is invited to attend.

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