Governor not supporting K-12 earth science education?

As of this date, the Governors office has not responded to the following letter:

Governor Ducey
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Governor Ducey,

In 2015, you vetoed SB 1200 after the close of the legislative session. The bill had nearly unanimous support in both House and Senate indicating the people wanted it passed. Communications to your office were also overwhelmingly in favor of the bill. Your veto letter claimed planning for the bill was inadequate, but your staff never communicated with the legislatures that did that planning.

SB 1200 (2015) would have reopened the mineral museum and restored K-12 earth science education programs by transferring mineral museum assets to a qualified state agency willing to operate it. That agency was the Arizona Geological survey. The state agency currently in control of the mineral museum locked the doors in 2011. Nevertheless, it still continues to receive the full museum budget to this day. The people are paying for a service they are not receiving.

The benefits of the mineral museum and its K-12 education programs are documented on The museum was a sole source of support for teachers attempting to satisfy K-12 earth science education standards. Teachers and students want it reopened

Now, your 2017 Executive Budget was amended to include the following: “For FY2017, the Executive recommends consolidating the Arizona Geological Survey with the Department of Geosciences within UA’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. The State Geologist would continue to be a gubernatorial appointee.”

Was this budget amendment coordinated with plans to reopen the mineral museum?

Are the needs of K-12 earth science education being considered?

Richard E. Zimmermann

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