What can I do?

The following question was submitted to CAMMAZ.  It is a very good question, so the response sent to the individual is being shared as a post for all to see.

I am currently a member of the West Valley Rock and Mineral Club. I would like to find out what our club can do to support the reopening of the museum. Who can we write to or what do you suggest?

Thank you for your support.

First, be aware that the mineral museum was not closed due to cost cutting as is too often assumed. Not one dollar was saved by closing the museum, and there is no reason for it to be closed. Share this important information with other mineral museum supporters.

Next, contact you elected state representatives, and tell them that the museum should be reopened on a budget neutral basis to again serve 40,000 children and teachers per year. You can find their contact information on http://www.az.gov

Then, follow http://www.cammaz.net for continuing information on efforts to reopen the mineral museum. Legislation is expected again during the current session. If you sign up as a follower, you will receive an email alert when something new appears on CAMMAZ. Key Legislative committee members will be identified on CAMMAZ. When legislation does occur, it happens quickly and there is little time to respond.

Finally, forward posts on CAMMAZ to friends and acquaintances that share your appreciation for the mineral museum. If enough citizens become aware of what is happening, and share their feelings with their elected leaders, the mineral museum will reopen.

2 thoughts on “What can I do?

  1. I’m a member of the Apache Junction Rock and Gem Club. I don’t know how many of our members have signed up and are getting your posts but I have shared several. I would like t submit the posts to our newsletter editor in hope that she can include them in our newsletter – with the proper credits of course. If we just use a link to your site people may not take the time to do that. If the post is printed in the newsletter more people will see it. What kind of permission do we need from you? Thanks, Linn Mistrot AJ Rock and Gem Club


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