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In a recent Arizona Republic article, Clay Thompson wondered why the mineral museum has been closed for so long. Tell Clay about what has been happening to the mineral museum and the importance of reopening it. -email:

The following appeared in the December 19th Arizona Republic:

Ask Clay: What the heck is a geode?

Q: On a visit to Tucson, relatives took me to a gem and mineral show where we saw a collection of geodes. Ordinary on the outside; beautiful on the inside. Will you please tell us how they are formed and where to find them?

A: I wonder if they are ever going to reopen the state mining and minerals museum at Washington Street and 15th Avenue. They closed it to convert it to a state centennial museum in 2011. Nothing came of that, but we still don’t have the minerals and mining facility back.

That’s a shame because it was a fair to middling nifty place.

Anyway, about geodes: — the article continues, summarizing the formation of igneous and sedimentary geodes —

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