Win a brand new Estwing rock pick!

Win a brand new Estwing rock pick!

CAMMAZ is seeking personal Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum stories to share. Write a brief story about your memorable mineral museum experience (at 1502 West Washington Street or at the former fairgrounds site). If your story is selected as the best one, you will win a brand new Estwing model 30SE rock pick with leather handle.

Your story might be about your student field trip to the museum, about a visit with your grandchildren, or anything in between. It might be about attending family day with your family, or about volunteering at the museum. It can be about any memorable experience. Simply share your most memorable experience and tell us what it meant to you, your friends or family.

The contest rules are simple.

• 300 word minimum
• Contest closes January 31, 2016
• No age limits
• Entrants need not be from Arizona

CAMMAZ reserves the right to publish any and all stories, winner and non-winners, at any time, on
You can choose having your story published with your name or anonymously.
Send you entry to:
Or mail to CAMMAZ, 425 East Greenway Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282-6938

Do yourself and your community a favor. Help promote the restoration of the mineral museum by sharing a memorable experience, and give yourself an opportunity to win Estwing’s  best rock pick.

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