A Guest Post by Janet Stoeppelmann – Arizona Educator

A Guest Post by Janet Stoeppelmann – Arizona Educator

Earth Science has always been an important part of our K-6 science curriculum. From 1999 (the year we opened our charter school, East Valley Academy) until 2010 (when the AZ Mining and Mineral Museum was stolen from Arizona taxpayers, school children, tourists, and geologists), we took the students once and sometimes twice a year for a field trip to the museum.

Five years have now passed and none of our K-5th graders have seen the museum that was their right and their legacy. Though we still teach earth science, our students and 40,000 others, continue to be deprived of this wonderful museum’s collection. It was rated one of the top ten museums in the U.S. by the “U.S. News and World Report” and dated back to territorial times.

Though the legislature overwhelming voted to restore the museum under the USGS, Governor Ducey (who purports to be a governor keenly concerned about education in Arizona) vetoed the bill and thwarted the wishes of the taxpaying voters of Arizona! Way to go! Better to let the collection lay languishing under the control of the highly corrupt and incompetent Arizona Historical Society so that the powers that be can obtain the valuable real estate that the museum USED to occupy on the capital mall and make another wine bar/reception hall for the governor and the state legislature. If you doubt that this is their intention, I was at the AHS April board meeting and their highly connected lobbyist admitted that this was their plan. If Governor Ducey wants to maintain his integrity, he needs to examine the AHS’s role in this fiasco and restore the museum under the USGS in the original facility. ~ Janet 

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