It was YOUR museum

It was YOUR museum

The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum was the people’s museum. Many decades ago, mining companies gave their mineral collections to the state, to preserve it for future generations. Then, in 1990, the state spent nearly a million dollars to renovate the historic, state owned building at 1502 West Washington Street in Phoenix to serve as the mineral museum. Over the years since, people donated more specimens and materials to the museum, and it became one of the top rated museums in the Valley. While it was the people’s museum, it specifically served as the children’s museum. Of the over 50,000 visitors per year, 40,000 were children!

Many people, and especially teachers and students, were disappointed when it closed. Because it happened during a budget crisis and because it was a state operated museum, a lot of those people erroneously assumed the closure was due to a budget cut. It was not. The Arizona Historical Society gained control of it in 2010 and closed it in early 2011 for reasons that have never been explained. Subsequently, the AHS emptied the building and scattered the contents across the state. Today, the AHS still receives the mineral museum budget even though they closed the museum over four years ago.

The people of Arizona should not accept this misuse and misappropriation of their property. The people should demand that their property be recovered and that their museum be reopened. They should also demand that their money, which was squandered by the AHS while the museum has been closed, be recovered.

Help CAMMAZ recover your museum. Do not allow the AHS to continue cheating your children. Please leave us a comment. Thank you ~ CAMMAZ.

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