Why doesn’t Ducey trust lawmakers on museum transfer?

Why doesn’t Ducey trust lawmakers on museum transfer?

The Arizona Republic published the following letter on April 20, 2015.

Isn’t it odd that 83 out of 90 legislators voted to transfer the Mining & Mineral Museum building at 1502 W. Washington, from the  Ariz. Historical Society, to the Arizona Geological Survey, yet Gov. Ducey vetoed the bill, saying “we must evaluate the use of state buildings holistically, rather than individually. At this point, there is not a plan or organizational structure in place to ensure the successful transition of the mining and mineral museum”.

What  this means is that he has no faith in the State Agency, AZ Geological Survey, that would be responsible for the museum under the bill, and that he would rather that the building remain closed and locked, as it has been since AHS closed it in 2011.

If 83 out of 90 legislators, who have had time to study this matter in detail and were satisfied that the move was a good one, how can Ducey not rely on this majority to get it correct?
This sounds like we have a Gov. that takes the “my way or the highway” approach”.

 Or is there something else in play here?

                                                                                            Doug Lindsay, Phoenix

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